Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Today's outfit

 Leather jacket - Zara, cardigan - H&M, t-shirt - Bik Bok, leggings - H&M, shoes - noname, bag - Chicwish (click). My outfit was very simple and a bit boring. The good thing is that this week it's getting warmer. Today it was 10 degrees celsius, but on Thursday and Friday it should already be 18! By the way, sorry for my tired face expression, it was in the morning and I was dead tired. Oh, and I colored my hair again yesterday.


  1. you are beautiful! :)


  2. ¡Qué lindo te quedó el pelo!

  3. I think I liked your old hair color better than the new one...

  4. Hi! Here's Kate. I really enjoy your blog. Just great! I really loved your natural haircolor, it was amazing, like - I do not know any other girl with such a beautiful and interesting color, even like from fairy tales for princesses, hihi. But now:( it gettin' more yellow and it don't look natural anymore, and hair look like ordinary, as for others. But you're so special!:)

    1. Hey Kate, thanks for the compliments! But i think you're a biiiit confused :D i dyed my hair to make it closer to my natural color, in the hope that one day i'll be able to stop dying it, because i got soooo tired of the white/yellow hair i had before. Now i have strawberry blond, which isn't very ordinary (: next time i'll dye it even darker to again come one step closer to my natural color.

  5. honestly, you're damaging your hair way too much dying them so often. The color is dirty and they looks really damaged.

  6. Strawberry blonde - that's really.. wow!:) Thanks for answer. Keep bloggin'!:) Kate.