Thursday, March 1, 2012

Zara heels

Thanks for all the tips on which heels to choose! Today I went heel hunting. Turns out that the 2nd and last pair are not available yet, and my favorites (the pair with jewels) are too high for me to confidently walk on a catwalk. The 4rd pair I tried on but...there was just no chemistry, you know ? In the end I was hesitating between the first pair and these ones. The first pair were strange.. they're not well built.. It feels like the heel moves when you walk. Or something. In the end I went for these. They probably don't look comfortable or easy to walk in because of the skinny metal gold heel, but they were the perfect ones, I think :D They're simple enough to put with any outfit (I don't know yet what I'll wear in the fashion show), but they do have a little twist. As you can see on the first picture, they also have a platform = bonus points! They're not my usual style, so I will either grow on them with time, or sell them after the show.
Plus, they were just 50 euros, cheaper than most of the other ones I considered, so I did some extra shopping in the end, hahah : )


  1. Good choice!
    I love these heels.
    Good luck at the show :)

  2. those are gorgeous! xx