Monday, April 16, 2012


This is not what I wore today, but almost :D The outfit is from Saturday when I met a friend. Was cool to see all your guesses in the last post! The one who guessed it right was Stefany from What's cool is that she is Latvian and her blog is awesome, super creative, so I followed immediately!
And yes, the 4th piercing is new. I also got a new one in the other ear. It was kind of spontaneous.. :D Some weeks ago, my sister booked an appointment at a beauty salon to pierce her ears so I tagged along :D I first made one, but then they didn't have any change at the salon, so I got the other one too, then problem solved and the amount was exact hahah :p 


  1. You look wonderful! And thank you for the shout out, the earrings look very beautiful! :)) Have a brilliant day, darling! :)

  2. Hey I am a fashion blogger from Luxembourg too and I was actually positively suprised when I saw your blog, there don't seem to be a lot of luxembourgish girls with blogs. Congratz for your blog.
    Ps: where do you buy all those primark cloths? in Luxembourg?

    If you want to have a look into my blog here the link: