Sunday, April 1, 2012

Converse low tops

A few of you noticed my new Converse low tops, in my post yesterday. I bought them in Latvia in a shop called Sportland. I already wore them outside in my muddy garden whenever I went to my grandparents house, so they're a bit dirty haha :D Anyway I'm hoping to wear these a lot in the summer, since they're so comfortable and simple :) Also, they were cheaper in Latvia, than in Luxembourg! I bought them here for 30Ls, which would be a bit more than 40 euros in Luxembourg, but when I bought my black Converse low tops in Luxembourg, they were 60 euros!


  1. I love them ! They are my go to shoes for years now hehe ! Cant wait to see how you wear them

  2. es ariii sd nopirku sportlandaaa

  3. converses are so great- comfy and look cool! good choice, haha 8) xxx