Saturday, April 21, 2012

Last night

 At Anne-Maries place Filippo and Kristian decided to eat some chilli - followed by screams of agony (a bit exaggerated) and milk mouthwashing :D

 Heleret makes world's best desert ♥
 Anne-Marie and Krisztina

 Anne-Marie, Filippo, me, Rebeka
 Rebeka, me, Anne-Marie, Maria, Heleret

 Marie and Amalie :) 
 I wasn't drunk, unlike some others :DDD (I only had 3 beers through the whole night, since I don't really drink anymore) but I had quite a lot of fun :)
Henrik, me, Amalie, Marie

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  1. anne-marie really looks like nora (from glowingfreckles)! x