Thursday, April 5, 2012


 I wanted to show you some make-up that I recently bought :) I'm in love with this sky-blue nailpolish. I think I put on like 3 layers, but that's just me :p it would've been fine with 1 or 2. But I really love Maybelline Colorama nailpolishes, always buy lots of them in Latvia..  Which is why I bought these! The beige and red ones are my classics, nothing new, but the baby pink and baby blue is something I haven't tried before.  In Luxembourg I got a new Bare Minerals powder. I already had one of these before, but it was a few tones too dark, so this one is spot on.

I'm not too crazy about make-up and I don't know too much about it, but I'm sure that many of you do! Which is why I want to ask if you have any tips for black gel eyeliner that lasts and doesn't smear during the day?


  1. Essence's gel eyeliner lasts 24 hours! And it doesn't smear + it's cheap :)

  2. e.l.f cream eyeliner is perfect and also relatively cheap, I bought it for 4 € and it really lasts the whole day:)
    or there also may be a latvian page, in slovakia we have one:)

  3. gel eyeliner usually stay on all day and will even give you a hard time while trying to remove it. i'd suggest you try Maybelline, MAC or Bobby Brown.
    And, more importantly, it is all about the brush, try a Sephora brand one :)

  4. Maybellines Gel Eyeliner definitely :) I am quite into make up and also have the Bobby Brown One which is amazing too. Actually there is no difference for me except the price of course, so if you look for a good long lasting and really black gel eyeliner maybelline is the one to go! look at the reviews on it, even the big makeup gurus on youtube swear on this one hehe

  5. Hi!
    you could get a waterproof gel eyeliner.
    I got a liquid eyeliner (not waterproof) and it doesnt smear at all.
    But something you could try to do with the one you got is (i do this as well), put on a little bit of eye primer on your eyelid, you can also use a tiny little bit of your usual foundation if you dont have primer, and put it on your lid. this helps the make up stay longer, whether you have eyeshadow, eyeliner...). And another thing that you could try is, once you have put your eyeliner, to put black eyeshadow on top of it.that way it will last a little bit more and wont smudge as easily. hope it helps :)

  6. J'aime ton vernis à ongles! :)