Monday, April 30, 2012


Some more class yearbook photos (these won't be used in the final version I think, because we had like 20 different ones).
Me and Gabi on a Friday night :) 

My new blouse from :)
Saturday's dinner

Some photos from Latvia
My tunnel doesn't close and I can still fit a toothpick in it :D I still have a photo somewhere of me with 8 toothpics in my ear, when I was 12-13, crazy little me :P...
Some delicious milkshakes @ Double Coffee
Last Friday before work, I took almost half an hour doing my make-up, I somehow got really into it :D 
The best thing ever ♥
My childhood artistic crazy friend Ieva Madara :) 

My dog is such a cutie :D 


  1. You always look sweet and pretty. But you look really hot in the police uniform - especially the high waisted skirt. Do you wear the skirt with other outfits?

  2. Wow, scary dog but he's so cute :)

  3. The third to last picture is so beautiful and springy :)

  4. I loved this photobomb haha
    Ok, I'll be honest: your dog scared me with those ''little'' teeth out.

    Little crazy you lol for sure.


  5. Your yearbook photos are really cool! :) I wish we had to dress up for our yearbook photo in my school...
    And that tattoo looks really good. You shoud get a real one like that!!