Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Shopping haul

 I will take you through the rest of the things I bought in Latvia during the last few days :) First thing was this Bik Bok sweater. It's very loose and the shoulders fall down in a nice way. As you can see in the image, the front part is soft material and the back is more.. chiffon-type (I don't know much about materials, but that might help explain it :D)
 I also got these oxfords yesterday at a random shoe shop that I've never heard of before. I walked past it, saw these in the window and immediately knew I've got to get them. Been wanting some oxford heels for ages, but I couldn't really ever find ones that have the perfect height and shape for walking a lot during the day. I wore these today (you'll see in my upcoming outfit post) and they were good to walk in!
 This backless bra is something that every girl needs, I think :D for fancy events with nice dresses that show your back, it's a horrible look to show your underwear like that, so I think this item is essential! It will also be useful with my crochet back top, I think :)
 Some simple and cheap things that I got at tiger :D 
 A winter coat from Bershka, because Latvian weather thinks it's too mainstream to have spring weather conditions in April and decides to snow! But I love this coat, it's perfect :D  These hairbands and hairclips are my essential and pretty much only hair accessory that I use. Since my hair is so light, I prefer to have very discreet hair accessories, i think black hairclips or hairbands can be too much so whenever I go to Latvia, I stock up on these in Bik Bok, since I always lose them, one by one :D  A new magazine..I'm not big on magazines, since they're expensive and you read them in an hour or so, but sometimes, when Katniss is on the cover, I don't mind ;) Last but not least, in this post, is this body cream :D I don't know if you can get it in other countries but I really reccommend it, because it smells so nice, and that's the most important thing for me in handcreams, hihi 


  1. Where did you get the backless bra thing? x

  2. true your coat is perfect (:

  3. Nice haul! :) I like shoes....and ofcourse TIGER stuff...because I work there ;)