Sunday, May 20, 2012


 Smoothie + lasagna + Vampire Diaries = perfect ♥
 My Primark jeans which I got 3 months ago.. I completely forgot about them haha 
My new clothes which I got at the clothes swap on Thursday night at Maria's place :)

Sorry for the bad update lately. I spend little time on my computer and when I've free time, I need to relax/sleep :P But the good news is that the reports are now written and I only have 4 school days ever (!!!!!!!!). It's crazy. Plus, we have a new dress up theme for every day this week. Tomorrow is Pyjamas, Tuesday is all clothes same color (think ridiculous colors - for example all yellow, including shoes, pants, etc), Wednesday is gangsters/rappers, Thursday - girls/boys inverted and Friday (we have no school on Friday, but we will be in school throwing eggs and mayonnaise at our fellow students, and later attending the school party in the field) our costume theme will be heroes!  I finished all my last tests/homeworks. Miraculously after Maria's sleepover on Thursday, and almost no sleep, I managed to get a 9/10 in my Biology last-ever-exam which was the first thing in the morning. Nice, huh? I will go now, but I just wanted to give some updates on what's been happening lately (: 


  1. the red jeans are awesome!!

  2. ooh dress up themes are so cool. wish we were doing something like that here in Latvia. :(
    p.s. i really like your jeans colour ;)

  3. That idea about dressing up is really cool! Now you should post pictures from every dress up day!!!