Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Give & Take

My outfit on Saturday night 
Hey! I'm so happy because never again will I have economics!!!! (apart from in my uni, but it will be different :)) I think I did my test quite well.  After school I had to go to the optic shop for a meeting about my eyes, then I went straight home. The busdriver didn't stop at my busstop so I shouted at him in a really angry way and he was so sorry, like his face showed that it was an honest mistake, and he was so nice to me but I just cursed and got off the bus. I felt so sad after, in fact, I still feel sad about it. I hope I didn't ruin his day :(  I have to go eat dinner now, but I'll update my blog again today. xo 


  1. How do you make your hair like that? :)

  2. How do you make your hair like that? :)

  3. Pretty top :) ahh i would react the same way, dont worry im sure you didnt ruin his day.

  4. Tā terpa augšdaļa ir ļoti interesanta. :)

  5. yayyy!!! you're so lucky, i still have three more weeks of economics left aha :)
    and im sure that bus driver will have forgiven you :')
    which universities did you end up picking? <3

  6. Lovely shirt!
    Btw, there's a little article about the dress I won thanks to you on my blog! Come and check it out :)


  7. Wow, You seriously look like Candice swanepoel! Love your hair, and beautiful skin you have!

  8. Congrats on economics exam :) I faild mine.