Thursday, May 24, 2012

Last day of school ever

Today is my last day of school/classes in high school..ever. So weird, right?! Somehow it feels perfectly normal. I guess I haven't grasped the reality yet. I can't wait for the following days though. Today after school I'll go home, get ready, then Maria's place, then behind the school to the camping party which will go all night long (although we will sleep at Maria's place, cause she lives near :P). Then in the morning we'll dress up in our costumes and make our way to the supermarket to buy all kinds of supplies to throw on the kids (water, flour, shaving cream..). It's a tradition for the seniors to do all this on the Friday after their last school day. We will stand outside the gates where students will exist and throw all kinds of stuff at them haha :D I used to hate when they did that, but now that it's my turn... it's time for vengeance! >:D haha, can't wait. And on Saturday me and the girls are going to a foam party at the bar where Marta works!
Will take outfit photos today, but I'm not sure how the update will go.. 

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