Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Last night

Hey blog! Sorry for the sort of neglect lately, but I guess it happens sometimes, for several reasons. Anyway, yesterday I woke up and spent the day with friends in town, then I came back, tidied my room (it's always super messy, then once a month I get a sudden urge to become a super-housewife hahah) and around 9 I pulled myself together and went to town for some drinks. I decided to go for my black skinny dress with long sleeves, new look men's hat (in the photo), my badass Rules By Mary wedges and a leather jacket. Today I woke up early but just watched Vampire Diaries the entire morning, until I spontaneously decided to accompany my little brother to the cinema so I got ready in like 10 minutes :D We watched some french kids movie, but at least I had popcorn, so it was good. 

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  1. just discovered your blog and love it! I follow youuuuu! I like every post haha, I went through to like two years of your blo