Saturday, May 26, 2012

Last week of school

My outfit on Wednesday (gangster/rapper dress up day)
 Our yearbook!!!!! Our "symbol" is the Bacman, that's why he has a B :P long story..
 Zsofia and Maria :) 
 Gabriele and Nathalie in Interview
 Signing the yearbook :D 
 Maria on Thursday night (there was a camping school party in the field in front of La Coque, with tents, drinks and food, however we left around 2 to go to Maria's place and sleep there.
My costume on THE day! (Yesterday) The theme was heroes so I dressed up as Tinkerbell.
 The girls @ Maria's place
 Jonas and Marta at the school party, doing the Sumo fighting game :D This was after the part where we threw shaving creme, flour, water and eggs at the lower years!
Me and Giuliano :D He was Peter Pan, I was Tinkerbell (this was after I took a shower at the school gym, before that I was completely white and sticky from all the stuff that was thrown)  Jonas :D 

My girls Marta and Krisztina :) 


  1. omg .. i really like you as Tinkerbell. heh ;)

  2. probably hotter than the original tinkerbell ;)