Monday, May 28, 2012

Lazy days

I have a week off now, and all I've been doing is being lazy, eating, drinking and watching TV series in bed. On Saturday I went to the foam party @ Space Bar, it was crazy haha. Yesterday I sunbathed a lot, then I decided I wasn't tanned enough so I did some fake tan business on my legs which turned out to be a disaster :D How long does fake tan normally last? :D Tonight I'll be meeting Krisztina and Anne-Marie for dinner and a drink. Before that I will try to tidy my room as good as possible!
I should also study quite a lot this week, as the next two weeks I have my written exams. Then again a week off and then two weeks of oral exams, and these exams will pretty much decide my future :P


  1. it usually fades after like 3 days ish but if it's a good one then it could last for a week :p

  2. I also fake-tanned my legs after I went to a shower. This was like last week and it's still visible. :)

  3. apparently lemon juice is supposed to make it fade quicker, although when I had a fake tan disaster, i had exfoliated a lot so it took a while to fade :(