Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mini Q/A

Details from last night's outfit 

Many of you ask me questions in the comments section on my blog. I don't normally answer them, because I don't have enough time, so I prefer when I get questions on my formspring (click). Anyway, I thought I could take the time and answer a few recent questions that have been asked on my blog.

1. How did you make your hair in the "Give & Take" post?
I used a hair band that I got in H&M, which is made of hair. They had two colors - one was exactly like my hair color and the other was dark brown. Around 4 euros, I believe.

2. Which universities accepted you?
I had an offer from University of Kent, Loughborough, Royal Holloway and Surrey. 

3. Which universities did you end up picking? 
Royal Holloway (University of London) as my firm choice, University of Surrey as insurance. 

4. Where is Amalie from?
Haha :D Denmark.

5. Where did you buy your Primark clothes?
In Saarbrucken :) 


  1. What course are you doing at uni? x

  2. please do Q/A more often ;)