Monday, May 21, 2012

Pyjamas day

So as I wrote yesterday, today was the pyjamas day :D of course i took some photos. This is Gaby in her pyjamas, looking extremely "happy" :D
 Grandma style

 Annelo :D 
 I don't have any pyjamas, so I just wore some comfy house clothes + my slippers
Then it was time for the senior prank. These were the first brave guys who made their way to the lockers of the younger years. 
 They lied down on the cold floor in their pyjamas.. 
 More 7th years came along, as well as more spectators..
 The idea was that we, as seniors, are so tired of all these years of school that on the Monday of our last week we came in pyjamas and had to take a nap from the tiredness :D we had previously arranged the prank on our Facebook group.
 Soon the whole big corridor was filled with sleepers, it was a loooong line! The little kids clapped at us when we got up and got on with our day hahah
 Me today :P I had my "comfy" pyjama outfit, but I hid it under my scarf and jacket :D 
 Me and my good friend Carlos after school!
My friends waiting for the bus in their pyjamas hahahah


  1. nice (: keep us posted with all yours dress up themes ;) its realling interesting to look at such an interesting traditon at your school ;)

  2. ooh it looks so interesting and so much fun :) i wish we do something like that in my school :(

  3. i really like your bag, so summery and reminds me of sea (:

  4. nice outfit ;)

  5. looks like so much fun.

  6. Have to agree with others- it really looks like a lot of fun and a great way to spend last days of high school!
    Obligatory keep posting your dress up days photos! :)

  7. i really like your outfit ;) looks so comfy :)