Thursday, May 10, 2012

Today's details

Here's some outfit details from today. It was really hot (right now there's 27 degrees!) so as soon as I got home, I sunbathed while reading my history notes, so naturally I fell asleep outside. I had my last geography written exam ever, it went really well, I think! I can't exactly throw out all my geography notes just yet, like I did with philosophy, because I'll be having an oral exam in geography in about a month. Tomorrow I have my last written history piece ever, and again same thing with the oral exam. Since we're talking school, I might use this chance to boast about my 10 in a sociology essay about internet bullying, and my 10 in my final informatics project :)
Anyway, I'll go now, need to do a lot of stuff, as well as think of an outfit for tomorrow night; going to a strict dresscode (no tshirts or jeans) party so I'll probably use this chance to wear one of my dresses that I haven't had the chance to wear that much :) 

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