Saturday, May 19, 2012

Today's outfit

 This was my outfit today! I wore my new dress from Romwe and my Primark tights :) 

 Don't ask - I figured I need a smiling picture, heh 
 I love everything about this dress! I just have to ask my mum to do the bow next time, haha, she does it much better :)

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  1. Sure love it, thanks again!

    You look really pretty with this dress :)

  2. And which shoes? I have a dress that is navy with red details, I need to wear tights because it's cold so I thought maybe beige ones but I don't know what shoes to wear or what colour coat to use.

    1. I think I wore black flats with this. If you wear black tights, I think you should always go for black shoes, beige will contrast too much with the rest of the outfit!