Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wine + stripes

Today I finally had time to go to the post office after school (it always closes at 5 so on normal days I don't have time), because since we only have 2 days left of school, i go to hardly any classes (only those that I will have an exam in). I've been waiting for this package for ages, and I'm sure you all remember the shoes which I posted about a month ago? So I'm really happy to finally get these clothes (and some others which I will show you later) from the lovely http://www.sheinside.com/ team!  I changed the dress a bit (after taking the photos), though. I removed the padding on breasts and I also cut out the underskirt, because I would prefer the skirt to be less puffy, so I could wear the dress in daily life, not just parties :)
You can buy the shoes here and the dress here :)
Get 20% off at www.sheinside.com by entering Kris20 at the checkout.


  1. you are so beautiful!
    i love your shoes))

  2. ooh those killer heels :)

  3. Isn't this dress too big??? ;)