Monday, June 4, 2012


Studying math @ Macdonalds today
Hey guys! Today I woke up around 10, made some breakfast and slowly pulled myself together and got ready. Went to school for a bit to see someone, bought some things at the supermarket, and then went to Macdonalds and studied there while I waited for my dad to pick me up to go to the doctor. Now I'm home and will try to revise some german grammar and useful phrases for essays, because tomorrow I have my first ever BAC exam (also my last EVER German test in my LIIIIIIIIIIIFE!), which will count..what was it, 7% of my WHOLE year mark? Damn.. It's a bit hard to study considering I feel quite weak and tired, but I'll try.

PS. Thanks for all the advice with the dress-business lately, you guys gave me lots of good ideas! ♥

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  1. Good luck for tomorrow lady!:) german tests always suck hehe:) x