Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Some photos from Berni's and Filippo's a while ago, just found them on Facebook
Hey guys! I'm very tired now, woke up from a 3 hour nap. Yesterday I had my last German exam evereverever, I can't stop saying it, it just sounds too good! I threw out ALLLLLLL my German papers muahahah... Today I had my Latvian exam, from 9 to 1 in the afternoon, what a torturous exam.. I wrote like 7 pages, and my hand hurt so much after writing, that when I counted the words with a pencil in my hand, it actually fell out cause I didn't have the power to hold it anymore :D unfortunately I cannot say it's my last Latvian exam ever, since in less than 20 days I'll have an oral exam in it, only after that will I be able to throw out my papers *gladly*. Tomorrow I have no exam, so I'm kind of chilling... 

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