Thursday, June 28, 2012

Graduation gift

Today my dad returned from New York, and he bought me my graduation gift - the newest Macbook Air! It's so thin, oh my god. I'm still trying to adjust, because all my life I've been a Windows girl, and I still will be. Will give my big Acer laptop to my grandma, and I'll keep the Mac and my small HP for university.
If you have some tips, or feel like telling me how to do simple things like open a new tab, etc on a Mac, that would be really helpful, because it's like a completely new language to me and I keep getting pissed off at it :D 


  1. Hey,

    if you have MacOS Lion installed, click on the little apple icon in the upper left corner > Preferences and deactivate the damn inverse scroll.

    On thing to remember is to use Command (next to the space bar) for keyboard shortcuts

    For the MacOS 101:
    - New Finder Window: CMD + N
    - Close Finder Window: CM + W
    - Switch between Windows/Apps: CMD + Tab
    - Preview File (useful for images): Space
    - Rename File: Enter
    - Informations about File: CMD + I

    In the Browser (Firefox):
    - New Window: CMD + N
    - New Tab: CMD + T
    - Close Tab: CMD + W
    - Bookmark: CMD + D

    To personalize the menu bar at the bottom, simply drag Folders (on the right side) or Apps (on the left part) on it. Your Applications are in the Home > Applications Folder.

    To install an App, download the image (.dmg), mount it and drag the app icon into the Applications folder.

    Once you've gotten the hang of using a Mac, you'll never want to use Windows again, trust me.

    Take care, ++

  2. Hey :)

    I've been using a mac all my life (literally!) so you can ask me stuff if ever you need to :)
    To open a new tab use: 'cmd' + t ^-^

  3. Congratulations on such a great gift!)
    I've been a windows girl for a long time, but when I bought my macbook, after a week I couldn't even think of using something else! it's so user-friendly! one of the best things in it - touchpad, just learn how to use it)

  4. Aahhhh :) You will love it

  5. to open a new tab, you simply have to press the buttons "cmd" and "t".
    to slide up and down a page, you can use 2 of your fingers! and if you want like an overview of all of your opened programs, you need 4 fingers and slide them up (or down, depending on your macbook system!)

    hmm... screenshot is "cmd","shift", "3" (all at the same time)

    if you want to copy something, you use "cmd" and "c", paste is "cmd" and "v" :-)

  6. Step 1, go to Apple Store;
    Step 2, take free class,;
    Step 2, profit!

  7. I also was a Windows user, until i got used to Mac.
    It's very easy! there are tutorials online and on the computer itself.
    There is no word/excel/paint etc.. but you can download 'Open Office' or a paying version of Microsoft office for Mac :)