Thursday, June 7, 2012

New in: details

I finally got my Romwe package today!!! I'm so happy with all the items. The first item is this sleeveless transparent black top with nice metal detail on the collar. I wanted one of these for quite a while, cause you can wear it with pretty much anything! (I know the shirt is a bit wrinkled, I've already put it in the wash, and will iron it afterwards :D)  The second item is this absolutely ADORABLE crochet/lace/pearl dress (3 cute things in 1!). The skirt part of the dress has a bit of a tulip-skirt shape. Can't wait to wear it when it gets warmer!!! The last item is this dress that you've all already seen on my blog when I asked for shoe advice concerning this dress (thanks a lot, by the way!). This dress is absolutely perfect, the top part is cotton and the bottom part is..well, you can see :) The lion detailing is what made me notice the dress in the first place, by the way :D 


  1. ooooo I absolutely love the crochet dress! It is the prettiest thing ever!!!!! Do you think you could post the link to purchase it?
    Thanks!!!! :)