Saturday, June 30, 2012

Saturday night

My first time blogging from my mac. I still feel like a handicap while using it, but I tried to take some photos of my outfit for tonight.. I couldn't find a way to resize them in iPhoto so I tried to do it on blogger instead, where I only managed to change the width, so they're actually wider but the height is still the same, that's why it looks a bit weird :p Sorry for the mess in my room, this is all because of my exams, i don't really notice such things right now. Anyway, I stayed home last night to study and I studied all day so I feel like I deserve some fun. Will meet my girls in an hour or so! Wearing my chicwish waterfall skirt today. 


  1. You can easily resize photos using Preview. Drag the photo on the Preview icon and choose Tools > Adjust Size. :) You can also export it as a JPG with lower quality for the web which will make the upload faster.

  2. wow.. amazing skirt ;) awesome.

  3. I just bought a skirt like this online. I cant wait to receive it.