Monday, June 11, 2012

True Blood

Hey guys! Sorry for not updating during the weekend. Today I had my last-ever math exam and I was studying every day, all day, so I simply didn't have time to post. The exam..well. It was pretty bad, to be honest. At least the calculator part (we use graphic calculators). It's harmonized in all the European schools, so it was made to suit all, but what suits everyone, sometimes actually doesn't suit anyone. It was quite difficult, pretty much nothing like we did in class, apart from some minor things. Luckily, the non-calculator part was much better, I think I did quite well, so hopefully it'll boost my mark up. Right now I'm just chilling and watching the new episode of True Blood. Awesome! Afterwards I'll watch an episode or two of Jane by Design (thanks to those who suggested it on my blog a couple of months ago - it's awesome!) and head to sleep.
Outfit posts coming up tomorrow, promise. ♥ 

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