Wednesday, July 25, 2012

First day in Latvia

 Arrival. Finally! Woke up around 3 AM after only sleeping for an hour and then slept on the plane for ages, haha.
First thing's first; go shopping and eat potato pancakes and drink plum milkshake at DOUBLE COFFEE!
On the bus to town to get the bus home.. I was dead tired but so happy to soon get some rest and finally go home after arriving in Latvia :D


  1. potato pancakes.. mmmmm... (:

  2. where did you get that hat from?
    it's beautiful :)

  3. meitenīt, nu jau rīgā ir daaaudz labāku vietu par double coffee

  4. anonymous - tātad dēļ tā es vairs nevaru iet uz savu iemīļoto vietu? :D