Sunday, July 8, 2012

Graduation dinner dress

Me by Aline (her blog: I had this idea to organize a photoshoot with the girls in our dresses, since on the big night it'll just be party photos (and i was right). My dress is from The heels killed my feet and I was so tired today after last night that I slept til 5 or so.. Tomorrow I start work, therefore I'm preparing some things.

PS. My hair is not damaged/dry, stop commenting when you don't know :D All the females in my family have this hair type which is pretty rare, and even my hairdresser critisized all the ignorant people saying it's damaged, haha. 


  1. Stunning look! :)

  2. I'd exactly the same dress for my prom. (: you can see it on my blog.

  3. Man ir tieši tada pati problēma ar matiem!
    Perfekti izskaties :)