Thursday, July 12, 2012


I thought I should finally make a little graduation photobomb, cause I do have lots of pictures! It took me ages to edit them, because doing it on a mac is still a pain in the ass for me, I haven't found a good program yet. Anyway, first pic: me and my family
Afterwards I really wanted sushi so we went to each at Sushi Shop, in the pic you can see my sister taking a photo of her sushi, haha :D The show was very cool! There was first a children's choir, led by my primary school teacher who always tried to persuade me to join, then there were these guys, there was a little girl playing the piano, and then there were the senior music students who made a little reggae show :D
Here I am getting my diploma :D 
This is me walking to get my Informatics prize of the year (like a boss!). It was a huge surprise, and when I heard my name, I just got up and didn't really know what to do, so the woman on the stage was pointing me to the direction I should walk :DDD
Me getting my prize from the sponsor. Some of my friends also got prizes, for example Krisztina was the best Economics student of the year, Maria was the best SWALS student.
When the music class played the reggae song, everyone decided to get up on the stage, it was really nice :D Here I was saying hi to Amalie (or checking our own hair??) and somehow the camera caught it :D
That's me again :D 


  1. you and your family are so sweet :)) congrats :)

  2. Your sister dont have blog?

  3. I really like your little brothers style. (:

  4. Nice photos :) Are you on any special kind of school?

  5. Hey, you said you needed a good programme to edit photos on your blog, Photoline is great for the Mac and you can download the trial free (it says for only thirty days but you can keep it longer!) :)
    hope this was helpful