Saturday, July 21, 2012

Last night

First me, Heleret and Anne-Marie went to Oscar's warm-up. His place/garden has recently become a common place for warmups, actually, hah! In the picture: me, Luka, Oscar
 The guys mastering the duckface 
Me and Heleret :)  
 Waiting for the bus to town!

 We decided to go clubbing. Heleret, Anne-Marie, Niels

 Me with Benjamin and Niels

 Anne-Marie, Kristian, Heleret, me, Benjamin
Walking home through the empty streets in my town where a few hours later would start the yearly comic book festival. As you can see, they've already prepared the tents and benches, etc. Because of this, the buses can't pass through the town so they leave you either at the beginning of the town, or at the end of the town (they take a different route) so I walked almost a kilometer in my heels, alone in this spooky place :(

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