Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New stuff!

 I got these lovely lace shorts from Romwe last week. I already wore them once, with a loose black tank and a blazer, it's the look I had in mind when I ordered these!  I received these shorts today from I was really afraid they won't fit me, because I ordered XS, and you never know with stuff from the internet, but surprisingly, they fit perfectly because of the elastic waist. Also they're not too short, which is great. I'm paranoid of getting nice shorts which end up showing your bum :( I'm thinking of wearing these to some posher parties with my strappy zara heels which have a glitter heel part :)  Also received these shorts today, again from Romwe! These are size S and are high-waisted but they're actually a little bit too big. The sizing isn't a huge issue though, it still looks good and feels comfortable. You might have noticed them because they've been advertising these quite a lot lately. Here's the link:  They added this cute owl necklace, it was a sweet surprise! Also a black dress, the same one as I was giving away as the prize in a competition some time ago. I went to H&M and the sales had gone craaaaazy! Last week I bought a bikini for altogether 8 euros, today each piece of that bikini was only 1 euro, just like most other ones. So yeah, got this one for 2 euros, say whaaaat! (i was planning to buy this glitter clutch bag which was reduced from 20 to 3 euros but I only had 2 euros with me, so I was really bummed out, therefore I decided to console myself with another buy - logic, huh?!) :D

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