Saturday, August 18, 2012


Hey guys! Today it seems that summer has finally come back. It's also the birthday of our capital city, Riga, so there's always a weekend full of celebration. I'm gonna go there with my friend Elizabete today and this is what I'm wearing. I didn't think I'd be going anywhere so when I found out she can meet I really hard to hurry and somehow make myself presentable :D

PS. You may wonder why sometimes my lips look red or something in photos. I have some problems with my nerves ever since I was small, I would always get a new habit, such as nail biting, and then do it whenever I'm nervous. I got rid of nailbiting but during the last years I've developed some nervous problems with my forehead/eyebrows (I always tense them continuously when I'm nervous and don't notice it), and also my lips.. no matter how hard I tried to stop abusing my lips, I really can't :/ Sometimes I would sit in school and suddenly notice blood on my paper and realize I was nibbling at my lips again :/ So yeah, I thought I should explain that upfront before people start asking stuff. 

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