Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Hey! Yesterday was a full day and I only got home today feeling very tired. I started the day at an aquapark with my siblings where it was quite fun. In the evening I went to an old classmate's house, he was hosting a reunion party (me and my primary school friends in Latvia are still friends, most of them meet all the time). It was really fun, in a different way than Luxembourg :D There wasn't much drinking, it was more board games, remembering memories, the naughty things we did to the teachers, looking at all the notes the teachers wrote in the hosts school agendas (example: Today he was hitting Marta with a ruler), it was so funny! I went to sleep suuuuper late, and when I woke up I had to take some kind of bus to town, cause I had scheduled a pedicure in a salon before I knew about the party. After the pedicure I speedwalked for around 50 minutes to catch my bus (yes, Riga is a massive city). I was super exhausted and it seemed I got way too many stares along the way. I guess the people here are not used to a combination of a white bralet + drop down skirt. The looks on their faces were quite funny; everywhere between confused ("is her skirt broken?") to an interested stare that lasted one second too long.
Right now I'm just editing photos from last night, eating my first real meal of the day and about to watch True Blood. Tomorrow is my last day here so I should start packing stuff soon too. That's about it.

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