Saturday, August 25, 2012


Finally after fighting with the internet, I got it to work! I started this post on my phone, but now I can finish on my laptop, nice :D I arrived to Luxembourg yesterday afternoon, but I was simply too busy to blog, apologies for that! When I got home, I spent ages opening up the house after this month of absence (turning on water heater, electricity, arranging the plants, turning on the house phone and so on), then I went shopping for some food (pizzas, pasta, rasberries, smoothies, mini tomatoes, bacon, yummy :D). In the evening I went out but already came home at 2 because I felt sick and tired :( My immune system is very weak and even though I drink like 5 pills a day to stabilize it, I still seem to get sick after every little wind that comes my way, so  today I'll just take it easy. Spent ages tidying and cleaning the house and now I'll just eat, relax, watch movies and whatever :D