Tuesday, August 14, 2012

3 blogs

Of course I haven't forgotten about the post where I asked my readers to post their blog links and I would later post my 3 favorites. It was really difficult to choose only 3 because I liked them all! Anyway here are the blogs that I picked: Girly Frame is a blog written by a 20 year old spanish girl called Lucia. She blogs about fashion, her outfits and style, inspiration, and beauty reviews. Lately I've been interested in beauty blogs so I enjoyed her beauty posts! Click here to go to her blog. The second blog I picked is by a latvian girl called Stefany who is only 17 but is already sure about her dream of becoming a journalist! She has cool clothes, photos and outfits, and this was not the first time I visited her blog. Here's the link: click :) The last blog I picked is more of a photography blog. It's by an estonian girl called Liisu, and I usually enjoy estonian blogs because it's our neighbour country, so I can relate to those bloggers a lot! The photos in her blog are really great, with different effects and colors. I'm not much of a photography fan but hers were awesome enough to catch my attention, haha. Click here :)

Hope you like the 3 blogs! I might do this more often, it was fun seeing who my readers are ♥.


  1. Thank you darling for liking my blog. Made my day. Bučas :)

  2. oh oh oh oh oh , could you check out my blog then? :) it's http://mymarvellousplace.blogspot.com/

    pretty please!

  3. Thank you so much for choosing my blog!! :D I'm really glad you liked it <3

  4. it's wonderful to find out that you're interested in spanish blogs although there are only a few popular ones, like Gala Gonzalez's blog.
    Spain loves you Kristiana, you're great! xx

  5. I was so suprised when I saw you've chosen my blog. Hehee so cool, totally made my day.. or evening :)