Thursday, August 2, 2012

Getting ready

I'm getting ready now, have some things I need to do in town! Wearing a new shirt I got in Bik Bok. Love these shirts with wild animals, if you haven't yet noticed. I had the worst sleep last night, I was just asleep for a couple of hours so I've got a really bad headache now.. Eeehh. Also I'm starving but I won't have any time to make breakfast so my first stop in town will be Stockmann to see if they have karjalanpiirakat, haha, I think only my finnish readers will understand it, but those things are really THE BEST! When I lived in Finland my family would buy them all the time ♥


  1. love your jeans! and i am from finland so of course i do understand.Loove them !
    Can you speak finnish? Did you learn finnish when you were here? :)

    Oh and you have a lovely blog,keep going! :)