Thursday, August 2, 2012

New in: Beauty stuff

I forgot to show the few beauty related things I bought! The body butter from Body Shop was half price, so I couldn't resist. I went for blueberry this time, as opposed to strawberry as I had done before. I have to say I prefer the strawberry one. The blueberry butter smell is a bit..I don't even know, okay?! It's just not the real blueberry smell that I expected, but of course it's still nice. The hairspray was the one I used many years ago, back when I constantly teased my hair! I would have to buy a new bottle of this each WEEK. It was becoming quite expensive (7-8 euro per bottle), so I later switched to a cheaper one. This one smells great (strawberries!!!!) and you only need to use a tiny little bit to already hold your hair the way you want. So when I went to a latvian drugstore and saw it cost only 2Ls or something (like 3 euros) I immediately had to buy it, cause I never saw it for so cheap anywhere before! The nailpolishes are my usual buys in Latvia, at least the red and beige one. This time I also got a purple one, and wasn't disappointed like I was when I got the blue, pink and mint ones from the same collection, because with the purple one, one coat is already enough! I really hate it when you buy a colored nail polish and the first coat is almost transparent, when you expect it to be bright mint.

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  1. Šitajām nagu lakām atlaides Drogās vaine? ;D Es nespēju noturēties un 6 nopirku :) ;D