Saturday, August 11, 2012

New in: random

I bought this dress in Bik Bok a few days ago (just like almost every single item since I've arrived to Latvia), I should seriously stop going to this shop. I love how the dress looks so much like a nightie, but I think that will present the problem wearing it in a way that doesn't actually make it look like I'm wearing my nightie :D Outfit pictures coming, once I figure this out, haha. Another sneak peak of a dress I bought from....yes, you guessed it, Bik Bok! I only bought it because of the nice color and the knot in the back. I'm crazy about these little details.
I'm not the kind of girl who wears long earrings, because after closing my 10mm tunnel, there still remains a 2-3 mm hole in my ear which will probably never close, and everytime I wear long earrings, I feel way too paranoid that it will stretch it back more :p nevertheless, I'm trying to overcome this paranoia so I bought these metal earrings from.. nevermind, shame on me.
Last but not least, this awesome shiny minty top. Not entirely sure how I'm going to wear it right now, or if it's even my taste, but I simply had to have it.

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