Sunday, August 19, 2012

Some little things

I got chocolate and money from my grandma as a late birthday + name day gift. So awesome that she knows I love milka!
Finally the season of blueberries started, I love the big ones and could really eat them all day long.. 
One of my favorite latvian own shops/brands is Stenders! They mostly sell stuff for the bath, such as bath soaps, scrubs and shampoos and such. There is also an eco cosmetics brand called Madara which is becoming quite popular in Europe lately. Bought these earrings yesterday in Seppala. Remember when I talked about my fear of stretching my ear (the one where I used to have a tunnel) with these long earrings? Well this is one more step forward :D.


  1. I was so sad when they shut down the stenders store in lux :( i prefered it waaaay more than lush. it was so cosy in there and all their products were amazing. I think they're trying to franchise the brand into the uk so hopefully a store will pop up in london soon :D

  2. damn... really pretty earrings.