Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sushi and more

I ate 24 (!!!!) pieces of sushi, so good! 
Today I had a lovely day with my friend Elizabete. As always, we talked food, fashion, shops, the usual. We went to this nice sushi place and I ate and drank so much that I could barely move after.
New shirt from http://solilor.com/. More proper outfit photos coming tomorrow when Elizabete sends them to me :) She's really interested in photography, she takes photos for this magazine and she has already worked with a model from Prada!
This is my drug, I seriously can't say no. My friends always make fun of me while I open my mouth and pour all the tic tacs in, and eat them in a couple of minutes.
 I also tried to take some photos of Elizabete myself, but very soon we switched to her camera! 

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