Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Hey! As I said yesterday, me and my friends went to town to eat sushi for dinner, shopped a bit at Primark too. During the night we went to a local nightclub called Casino, it's not in the campus but rather the town. It was quite fun! However I was really surprised by the english girls, at least half of them were half naked, their dresses so short that you could see their underwear and their boobs hanging out. Gross! Also, it's normal here to go out clubbing without a coat or scarf, even when it's freezing, girls go out in a little dress, no tights and heels. So weird :P
Anyway, today I had some induction lectures which were quite funny (heard of UniSmart?), then I went to Tesco with some friends for grocery shopping. Tonight Rudimental is playing at one of the campus nightclubs so that's where the party will be at. Listen to the song above, I'm sure you've heard it!

By the way, last night some UK rapper called Wiley was meant to play at one of our clubs and everyone was so excited, but he came super late (at 1:50) and played for 10 minutes. The crowd booed him and since then he's been writing really bad things, with bad grammar, about our university on his twitter account, it's really ridiculous I think. Have a look: https://twitter.com/EskiDance. I'm glad me and my friends decided to hit the town instead!  


  1. oh my! what a douche that wiley :D
    sounds like you have a great time :)

  2. oo, tik interesanti bija palasit par tam meitenem, kuras uz klubiem iet ta apgerbusas..man draudzene ari ir stastijusi par tiesi to pasu haha! Wiley'a grammatika ir sausmiga - nozelojami, ka vins brauc auguma studentiem. vinam pasam vajadzetu iet uz universitati, lai iemacitos vismaz normali angliski rakstit.

  3. haha welcome to England :p
    have a great time a uni!! what are you studying?

  4. I'm abit surprised you say girls here wear no clothes etc and would even call them "gross". I've been in nightclubs in many countries and haven't noticed UK girls as particularly less dressed. Plus, don't mean to be rude but aren't many of your "outfit" posts with mini skirts and heels, a pretty standard uk *clubbing* outfit? You know you should've really actually visited the UK before you came here and commited yourself for three years just to complain :'D.

    Here are some simple tips:

    - Tesco is one of the most expensive and over priced grocery

    - Girls don't wear "no tights", most wear flesh tone tights.

    - Don't move somewhere without visiting before hand and knowing nothing about the culture and social groups.

    Anyway, I doubt youll read this or reply - just as you do with most comments.