Sunday, September 16, 2012

Belle Sauvage fashion show

Last night me and Frederik went to the Belle Sauvage fashion show, which was a part of the birthday of Clausen (Clausen in Luxembourg is the big party place with all the clubs and bars!) Belle Sauvage is a brand that even Lady Gaga wears (when you see the next few pictures, you will know why).
All the models had these super high stripper kind of boots that obviously gave them difficulties to walk in, very long hair extensions and black but simple make-up. I really loved it!
Since it was a Mercedes Benz event, there was a car between the different parts of the catwalk, and when the sprakly DJ took off the cape, there was a loud united gasp in the room!
 My outfit last night

Fred, as always, looked classy and stylish. Love his style :)

I'll show you the goodie bag later, and I will also tell you guys about how I rescued an animal on my way home :) Stay tuned!


  1. are you and fred back together? :D

  2. soo cool. I love your outfit ,3