Sunday, September 30, 2012

Feel the love

Today's look: Primark collar (new), H&M cardigan which I got from Maria :D and white shirt. It was 18 degrees today here in the UK, so I dressed a little more "summery" - notice my sarcasm.
Tomorrow my courses officially start and my timetable is pretty decent so I might try to find a job soon. As for now, I'll make some dinner and maybe watch a movie. It's the last night of fresher's week, but honestly after going out and partying every night during the week, I'm so tired during the weekend. 


  1. You look really cute :) Love the peter pan collar :) Oh yea for me the party week is just starting tomorrow, so I'm gonna feel exactly like you in a couple of days :) a movie sounds the best option in these cases :) nothing beats relaxing evening in front of the tv :)!

  2. Its so nice to enjoy your 'new student life', seems to be so amazing live in UK, I wish you a lot of happiness in your new step! Keep posting