Sunday, September 2, 2012

Friday Night Outfit and Update

Hey! Sorry for the absence, but I've been feeling not so great lately, spent the weekend in bed sleeping (night and day, so weird), because I'm too weak to do anything else, and I've even lost 2.5 kg in the last days. Hate my body, always makes sure to ruin my life a little ;D I'm feeling a little better now and it's the first time I can actually go on my laptop without the light being too bright, even on the lowest brightness. I just felt like showing you the pics I took on Friday night before going out. I loved my outfit but since I had free house all week, nobody could take outfit photos, so this is the most I can show :( It was a fun night with my boyfriend and his friends, but that was the end of the fun part for this weekend, unfortunately. Finally my dad came home with the dogs today so I'm not alone in this big empty house anymore, and tomorrow the rest of my family will join, woohoo :D I'm now gonna force myself to eat, even though I've no appetite and maybe watch the new ANTM college edition. Cheesy and fake, but who cares?

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  1. Get well soon!! :) by the way, I love those shoes