Sunday, September 9, 2012

Galaxy leggings

Hey guys! I wanted to show you these galaxy leggings I got from Romwe quite a long time ago. They're so soft and elastic, I could sleep in them :D As you may have noticed, I'm not the leggings kind of girl, but this autumn I'm planning to change that, so I'll try find some military boots with which I could wear leggings. I'm just really picky, I don't think they look good with a lot of shoes/tops, that's why in order for me to wear leggings I will need to find some boots especially for them, haha. By the way, Romwe has a new coupon/discount code for leggings, you can save 5$ on orders above 60$ if you enter the code leggin5, it's valid until the 20th of September.

PS: first make-up-free photo in a long time!


  1. Legingi izskatās tiešām forži.Žēl tikai, ka tu neparādīji, kā tie izskatās visā garumā.

  2. Izskatās ļoti interesanti! :)

  3. hello,

    you look like sex,

    just an ordinary girl saying it out loud

  4. Love the whole look! You look out of this world beautiful!

    If you're interested we have a bunch of styles of galaxy leggings on sale this week for $35-$45 - just wanted to mention!

    Keep up the amazing work!