Monday, September 10, 2012

Graphic dress

Today during the afternoon I wore my Primark dress, Bik Bok jewelry and Mango belt. It was a very hot summer's day so even this light look felt a little too heavy. In the evening I went to meet my friends and then I changed into a more nautical look which I can show you tomorrow since I managed to snap some webcam photos before leaving the house. ♥

Sorry for the mess in my room, I'm moving to UK in less than 2 weeks so I'm raiding my whole room and it's lately a constant mess, haha. 


  1. Hey, I dont usually post comments but I'm always reading your blog :) I love it. If youre moving to the UK in two weeks for uni I hope you've saved up lots of money/party dresses for "freshers", do you have that in Luxembourg too? :D Which uni will you go to? Good luck! xx

  2. good luck on all your moving!! :)

  3. The dress is beauty =) you made a great combination with the belt and the jewelry!
    Have a nice week ^^