Thursday, September 13, 2012

This week

I haven't found much time to post this week, but finally I found some time to blog, so I'll just show you what I've been up to. Monday night I went out with the girls, we got free shots and of course Gabi just couldn't resist spilling one. Last night me and Krisztina worked for the event of a new magazine called Made in Luxe. We got dressed and our hair and make-up was done. Krisztina had a cool ponytail which reminded me slightly of Lady Gaga and she was given a body-con dress that went to her knees. The dress code was black and red, so we both had these colors on us. This was my hair. Slightly bizzarre, never seen something like this before. Anyway, this was my hair and my dress was also red. It was a halterneck dress (meaning it closes behind my neck), and went down on my sides in a way that my whole back was bare.
Krisztina's awesome hair from the back :D
Some new stuff to show you.
Picked up some local magazines lately and even spoiled myself at Laduree. Paid like 10 euros for 5 or 6 macaroons. Expensive? Yes. Worth it? They were good but I've had better. :D Also bought new Dr Denim jeans, about time! Both my black pairs have faded big time. I actually thought I won't buy Dr Denim this time, because they fade so fast.. However, I couldn't find any jeans I liked in other shops, they were all a bit too wide at the ankles and I only wear jeans that are as skinny as leggings!
 My goodie bag from Made in Luxe event
Not really a major purchase, but I couldn't walk past without buying one of these awesome colored shower sponges (or whatever the name is!)


  1. So cool week you had! :)

  2. i just wanted to tell you i have the same problem with skinny jeans, and i found some in ZARA can't believe it but they're so skinny, and they really are believe me!

  3. your hair looks cool:) but it's a pity that they didn't leave it as long as it really it:) do u have some front pictures?:)

  4. I loooove the macarons from Oberweis! You should try them!