Thursday, September 20, 2012


Hey! So sorry for the bad update during the last days. I'm really busy every day, always got lots of plans and I need to pack too, because I'm moving to the UK on Saturday. Kinda hard to pack all my life into suitcases and boxes, hah. I still have 2 nights left in Luxembourg. Or maybe 1 and a half, considering that tomorrow I'll probably party til the morning and then also depart in the morning :P I will also host a mini warm-up at my place for a few friends to celebrate my upcoming birthday and also the fact that I'm leaving. Somehow I haven't really realized that I'm moving away. Kind of a big step to go and live all alone without my family in a country that I've never visited before (that trip at the age of 9 doesn't count!). Luckily I will have 11 other flatmates with who I'll share the kitchen (everyone will have their own bedroom and bathroom, though!) so I will probably never be alone. I really hope they won't steal my food and my pink cups and pretty plates and bowls (I think I'm getting addicted to house accessory shopping!) Also my good friend Kaori will be there in the same uni and will show me around and help me with some stuff. We will start our own society and also a campus street style page.

At the moment things are so stressful that I can't promise a good update in the next few days (I'll try, of course!), but who knows, maybe my next post is from the UK. 

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