Saturday, October 13, 2012


As I was strolling through Boots the other day, I decided to try these two Barry M nail polishes. The beige is one of the standart colors I always use, but the lavender one is something I've never tried before. To my surprise, I absolutely fell in love with it! When it comes to nails, normally I've only been attracted to very simple and usual colors, such as nude, black or red and lately dark purple/navy. This one stands on nails perfectly, however it's very thin. I'm wearing 3 layers when it only feels like one. On the plus side, it doesn't seem to come off as soon as my other nail polishes. This is pretty much my every day, after lectures - coming home and catching up with the notes because they're all published online.  On Wednesday I had a lecture about Ecological environment, all about sustainability, while also thinking about business and profits - it was just a 2 hour lecture but I wrote 11 pages of notes on this! Outfit details from Tuesday night - Romwe top and belt, Dr Denim jeans. Need new jeans desperately - Dr Denim black jeans SUCK. I got these about a month ago and they're fading like crazy. I'll make a post about my room soon. As you can see, I didn't get very lucky with the curtains or the green board on the wall, haha. This week has been pretty tiring, however I also had a lot of fun moments. On Wednesday night there was the school party at the campus nightclub meaning that everyone dressed up as if they'd go to school. Last night I also went out, this time we had Sub Focus playing and it was pretty crazy! Today I will catch up on my notes, tidy/vacuum my room, and stuff like that, and in the evening I'm probably going out with two of my flatmates. Have a good weekend! :D ♥


  1. I love Barry M!

  2. loved this post! more posts like this please<3

  3. love this post! its nice to read about another fresher going through the same things at the same time <3
    with your green notice board, i covered mine with flowered wrapping paper that i pinned up, a bit like wall paper - helps make your room look prettier :)