Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A day in town

Today I went to town with my lovely flatmates. We decided to walk to the town center which is 15-20 minutes away, rather than taking the bus (seems to become a habit, all this walking) so we took lots of photos on the way.
This is May, she comes from China. She's really nice and sweet and is interested in photography.
The park and lake on the campus 
These are my two other flatmates that come from Cyprus, Margarita and Franceska. They're very funny and are always up for a long chat in the kitchen :D
And here is the only photo of me from today! Although more will come when May gives me her photos. Will show you what I bought later!


  1. Your campus is gorgeous! Mine is all dry and ugly lol

  2. campus is very beatufiful and the last picture is gorgeous :))