Sunday, October 7, 2012

London shopping

I did not buy much (Oxford street on a Saturday? Try for yourself) but I do love the few things I bought and I think I'll be using them a lot! First thing is this beautiful collar from Dorothy Perkins. It was around 17 pounds but with the student discount I got it for way less :D
I got this dress from a shop called Retro London. It was very mixed - it had a lot of little cute dresses like this, a lot of fake JC lita's and what looked like real Hunter wellington boots (I did not check though!), so I wasn't quite sure what the general idea was in this shop, but it caught my eye so I had to go in. I've been looking for a red dress for a long time now. My initial idea was to find a bodycon red dress, but this one is so beautiful that I'm more than satisfied.
I got this jeweled sweater from Pull and Bear. It was something I could not walk past without picking it up, hah. Lately sweaters are on my to-buy list all the time, because I don't have that many warm clothes for the weather here. While I was taking photos of the sweater, I couldn't help but notice a new trend in my wardrobe and shopping - I'm going nuts for these dark jeweled items! The earrings are sort of old though, but I wear them pretty much every day.

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  1. All things that you bought are wonderful! :) I can't decide which one I like the best :D